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RocheHRC provides a variety of HR consulting services for small to mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations, and church and parachurch organizations. As senior HR consultant, I can respond to your human resources needs that you simply don’t have the time, expertise or resources to address effectively.
With RocheHRC as your HR Business Partner, you will benefit from expertise and experience of a senior level HR professional. Obtain professional counsel and guidance for tough HR issues. Receive HR advice, tips, tools, and best practices that work. Meet specific HR goals and objectives in a timely manner.
RocheHRC offers a full range of HR services. RocheHRC is focused on those organizations that need an immediate, professional solution. We can help you deal with today’s HR challenges and prepare you for future opportunites. RocheHRC can effectively assist you in meeting your organization’s human resources needs. We perform the work with you and for you -- not just advise you. Read more +
RocheHRC is “value-added” and affordable. RocheHRC is willing to be as flexible as possible in order to provide you with value-added deliverables, completed in a timely manner, and within a reasonable fee structure your organization can afford. Our pricing structure can be based on an hourly rate, per project fee, or by retainer. Read more +
Human Resources Consulting Services
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RocheHRC provides expertise in all phases of the employment relationship. We can be available on-site and serve as your outsourced Human Resources Department, or we can support and advise your existing HR Staff. No matter your industry, RocheHRC will be your outsourced partner for your HR needs.
Only pay for the time or services you use. Receive the most flexible human resources solution(s) to fit your needs and budget. Receive “value-added” services by a senior HR professional, having over thirty years of HR experience and knowledge, who is dedicated to helping make your company or organization successful.
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